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Borboletas Basta Um Dia Escola Sexualidade Encontro HSH Sou Mulher Máscaras Beneath the Equator Ritos e Ditos Cabaret Prevenção Janaina


SMSBSL "Sou Mulher, Sou Brasileira, Sou Lésbica / I am Woman, I'm Brazilian, I'm a Lesbian": Documentary dealing with the life of Brazilian women and their fighting homophobia in society and racist. These women still live in the margins of society and need much strength and courage to solve the problems of daily life. The strength of this documentary film is in the statements, the voices of these women, beautiful, strong, powerful, honest, warriors, mothers, daughters, aunts, grandparents, lovers, partners ... They show us all, what it is to be a lesbian in Brazil. They teach us about the discrimination and the challenges they must face to build lives of dignity and courage in a society full of stigma and intolerance. National premiere in January 2010 in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil



Directed by: Vagner De Almeida
Produced by: Prazeres e Paixão (2009)
Duration: 45 minutes
Subtitles: English
Format: (NTSC) Video Digital
Brazil – 2009

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“Sexuality and Hate Crimes” is the first alternative documentary film produced by Director Vagner de Almeida and Richard Parker. 

This documentary seeks protest in the name of brutalities committed against homosexuals in Brazil. The hate crimes come from different segments of society for the director, the Catholic Church and radical evangelical groups are co-responsible for the rising intolerance, when they actively engage against the civil rights of non-heterosexuals. In a society dominated by machos, religious, and moralist values against the LGBTT communities, the absence of rights has already lead to the deaths of thousands of Brazilian citizens.

From the beginning of this series of films about metropolitan Rio de Janeiro, various protagonists from the films have been barbarically murdered by people who still have their liberties, still assassinating other in the homosexual communities with impunity.

In this country, in the first months of 2008 there were 45 homicides against gays registered.  It is a year of homophobic violence, which worries us because the represent only the cases registered officially in police stations or in hospitals. Many of the afflicted are unrecognizable after death and mutilation.  They are murdered merely because they are gays, lesbians or transsexuals.  This film is a cry against this intolerance, which is dedicated to all of those who were brutally murdered in Brazil and worldwide. 

Produced by: Vagner De Almeida and Richard Parker (2008)
Directed by: Vagner De Almeida
Duration: 27 minutes
Subtitles: English
Format: (NTSC) Video Digital
Brasil – 2008

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"Homophobia in School" is a film made to develop an understanding of sexual diversity among the teachers in the public schools in Brazil.


Produced by: ABIA (2006) – Format DVD
Directed by: Vagner De Almeida and Luciana Kamel
Duration: 18 minutos

Living Day by Day

The documentary film, “Living Day By Day” depicts the lives of Brazilians who, with both courage and fear, strive to survive (many times without success) the harsh and violent reality that they experience in daily life. They are transgender individuals, homosexuals, ‘fags’, ‘queer boys’, gays, all residing in the Fluminense Valley, where they confront prejudice, violent aggression, and social (and sometimes physical) death along the margins of the Presidente Dutra highway – the main connection between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, two of the largest and wealthiest metropolises in Brazil.

The film seeks to capture the complicated negotiation and movement between life and its finitude, hope and desperation, pain and resistance, disbelief and reaction – around which these people are obligated to organize their individual and collective lives.

“Living Day By Day” tells the story of these human beings as they experience brutal massacres, murders, and violence of all types to which they are subjected. And it portrays situations of exclusion and abandonment that marginalized people must face in the hands of dominant social powers.

Produced by: ABIA (2006) - Format VHS/NTSC and DVD
Directed by: Vagner de Almeida
Duration: 55 min

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The Butterflies

O filme "Borboletas da Vida" desvenda a realidade dos jovens homossexuais que vivem na periferia das grandes cidades, sofrendo os efeitos da pobreza e da miséria, sem perder sua dignidade, sua criatividade... Homossexuais, transformistas, borboletas da vida real brasileira... eles/elas "carregam, a mulher na bolsa", experimentam com as possibilidades e os limites do gênero e da sexualidade, e enfrentam a discriminação com força, coragem, e determinação... Lutam pelo direito de ser diferente e exigem, de diversas maneiras, que a sua diferença seja respeitada. Neste filme temos a "brava gente" que a televisão brasileira não nos mostra!

Produced by: ABIA (2004) - Format VHS/NTSC and DVD
Directed by: Vagner de Almeida
Duration: 38 min

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Going Beneath the Equator (2004)

Documentary on a trip by the Black and Latino Student Caucus of Columbia Univeristy's Mailman School of Public Health to study the response to HIV/AIDS in Brazil.

Produced by: Mailman School of Public Health of Columbia University (2004) - Format: DVD
Directed by: Vagner de Almeida
Duration: 35 min

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Rites and Sayings of Gay Youth

This documentary is about homosexuality, youth and vulnerability from the lower class in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Working with youth is not difficult and it is very gratifying, intense, creative and constructive. But to work with gay youth or with young people with homoerotic desires is a more complex task, because the realities for these youths are different from youth who are not identified as gay.

To work with poor, black and excluded youth and youth who are unemployed, lack education, and are gay is especially difficult, because each individual, and the group as a whole, must carry the weight of society’s cruelty and exclusion. This film gives to gay youth in Rio de Janeiro a chance to express themselves as they wish.

Produced by ABIA – Brazilian Interdisciplinary AIDS Association, Support by Ministry of Health – DST/AIDS – Brazil

Produced by: ABIA (2002) - Format VHS/NTSC and DVD
Directed by: Vagner de Almeida
Duration: 43 min


This documentary was made as a trilogy (as a play, a book and a film) from the Project Men who have sex with Men in Brazil.

This film shows how young Brazilians were living in poor areas and facing the HIV/AIDs epidemic. This was developed in a workshop supported by ABIA, the Brazilian Interdisciplinary AIDS Association...

Produced by: ABIA (1995) - Format VHS/NTSC and DVD
Directed by: Vagner de Almeida
Duration: 20 min

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