“Life” these days is not a wonderful “Cabaret”!

Unfortunately, our society is more perturbed, and in more unexpected ways, each day.  And lamentably, we live in a society in which we are encaged like animals – left feeling cornered, without force or ability to escape the violence and homophobia that seem to be hidden under sheepskin. Citizens who kill just for the pleasure of killing, or to show the power of the male gender.

It is sad to see the impunity with which the authorities corroborate with increasing violence against homosexuals, for “Area Cleansing” is typical in the Fluminense Valley in the outskirt of Rio de Janeiro for a very long time.  

“Curfew” or “call to quarter” is the vilest attitude that a human being can encounter in his or her right to come and go.

It is time that we join in forces to bring these atrocities to light by letting each other know of their occurrences through our personal lists of friends, helping to avoid “crimes of hate against Human Rights”, as well as by making public (nationally and internationally) these forms of gratuitous violence against GBTTT people in Brazil and around the world – for, this type of violence occurs worldwide.


Disseminate this information to your email lists! This is the least we can do as citizens, as an act of solidarity, and in support of our brothers and sisters that are mistreated every hour of every day of each year.

Citizenship can begin through our personal e-mail lists on the internet.

In memory of all of the victims of the Fluminense Valley and of all of Brazil

Forgetting history is permitting history to repeat itself

“Alert in this area in Fluminense Valley, Nova Iguaçu, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil , 2007”

Anti-Gay Squad Terrorizes Nova Iguaçu

Take care when walking at night in the municipality of Nova Iguaçu in the Fluminense Valley.  The region, already known to be dangerous, now encounters another form of violence.  The mere act of walking through the streets of the city is a potential risk. Bandits are circulating in the downtown area, in between the plazas of Liberdade and Chopin, which are known to be gay hangouts. 

Scenes of physical aggression, robberies, and extortion occur almost daily.  There has been news of homicides that have not been confirmed. The situation is so extreme that militant activists from NGOs that work with homosexuals are obligated to run dangerous risks in order to let the situation be known and try to prevent its escalation.

The bandits are armed with knives and they hide in dark alleys and side streets . Some of them carry clubs and circulate nonchalantly along the sidewalks of the city, certain of their impunity. It is speculated that these groups are related to corrupt security guards from surrounding buildings, which have also tended towards violence.

Critical points:

Chopin Plaza – the bandits hide behind the barricades near the Association of Ex-combats.

Liberdade Plaza – avoid Travessa Irene

Sidewalk – stretch between streets of Otavio Tarquino and the old Treze de Maio.

Via Light parks 1 and 2 – be careful if being followed by cars with dark windows

     “We don’t want faggots here!”

When identified as gay, the victim has small chances of defending him or herself.


Photos: Vagner de Almeida
Text: Vagner de Almeida

Thanks to Richard Parker, Jonathan Garcia and Grupo APABAFLU  for help me to finalize this text.

for more information email: vagner.de.almeida@gmail.com